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Dynamic Modular Homes has taken a different approach to the after-market service traditionally offered by most dealers. Instead of waiting a week or two to have a factory warranty crew or service crew show up, (this can be frustrating!) we have either experienced journeymen or equivalent dispatched to your site just as soon as we have power and heat to the home. This crew then inspects the home to complete an “Occupancy check list” with the client to find any defective workmanship. A warranty form is written up and any required parts ordered immediately from our factory. Any work that can be done without parts is completed on the home that day or if necessary, the crew will find accommodations and complete the work the next day. A thorough (28 items!) PDI (Post Delivery Inspection) is also completed at this time to give the client the ability to move in very quickly. As drywall has a zero tolerance to movement, ceiling fractures are a regular warranty item. Instead of waiting for weeks to arrange a drywall sub trade, our personnel have had a thorough education in this area and will do the repairs the same day! This eliminates any dust or damage to doing this after furniture placement and is simply more efficient. We believe that our referrals are the highest in the industry and this is not just because of the great product and pricing, but we truly believe – from our great service as well! Invest in a top quality Canadian-built SRI home from Dynamic Modular Homes and experience this great service for yourself!

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